Farname takes serious all the complaints and makes it its mission to act the best way it can given the circumstances.

To present any complaint one should send an email or submit the complaint on our website. Oral complaints will not be considered.

In case of any complaint, all parties engaged will be notified via email and there will be the chance for all parties to provide any documents needed. The complainant must be made aware that the matter cannot be investigated unless the journal editor informs the corresponding author or author about whom a complaint has been made (as a matter of “due process”) and possibly the institution or company at which the research took place (the complainant may not wish to make the complaint at such a formal level).

In that communication, the editor should indicate that the matter may be referred to the institution or company where the research took place or any other relevant institution or agency (for example a funding agency) unless the author provides a reasonable explanation (accepted as reasonable by the editor).

All the complaints about publication ethics will be dealt with within the editorial board. In special cases a third party may be invited to mediate.

If there is any complaints, please send an email to CEO: ceo@farname.ir