Farname Inc. launched its activities in 2011 in the domain of managing and publishing academic journals in a variety of scientific fields. Farname Inc. started its activities firstly as a scientific consultant group and later as a co-publisher. It began to offer services regarding standardizing, managing, and publishing academic journals. The services it offers range from standardizing to managing and publishing academic journals.

The central office of this company was located in Vanak, Tehran in the spring of 2016 and ever since Farname Inc. has become the registered name and trade mark of this company and all the services of this company are provided under this very title. Moreover, Farname Inc. was able to set up a franchise called Farname in Canada so that they, as an Iranian-Canadian international publisher, could provide electronic publishing and issuing services to their foreign clients.

Farname Inc. policy is to offer specialized services in areas of managing academic journals and their graphic design. Updating academic journal publications, standardizing with regard to international criteria, consulting on indexing, and publication ethics are but a few of the abilities of Farname Inc. technical staff.

This company has always taken pride in its highest quality and most reasonable price for all of its activities and productions. Farname Inc. management has been able to successfully establish a resolute organization to win its clients' trust and satisfaction and this was accomplished through harmonizing the intellectual potentialities of experts in managerial, medical, and paramedical scientific fields and also through the abilities of Iranian graphic designers and journal publishing consultants.

To this end, Farname Inc. has optimized a large area of activities including all processes of journals standardizing, consulting on layout and format, structuring different formats such as XML exclusive to PubMed and DOAJ, designing and editing articles, and publishing and issuing journals in large scales. These activities are all carried out under the supervision of active and expert consultants in a variety of scientific domains. Currently this company, benefiting from tens of professors and scientists, is prepared to provide different consultations regarding publishing journals.

List of some of Farname Inc. services

·        Consultation on journal publishing strategies

·        Consultation on peer review process

·        Consultation on recruitment of international and expert editorial board

·        Providing consultations to the editors for journal management

·        Human Resource Consulting services for journal management

·        Financial Resources Consulting for publishing

·        Consultation on earning revenue from approved journals

·        Consultation on journal indexing and abstracting

·        Consultation on journal distribution (hard copy)

·        English verbal editing by experts

·        English verbal editing by natives

·        Persian verbal editing

·        Persian page designing (by InDesign)

·        English page designing (by InDesign)

·        Plagiarism check services

·        DOI services

·        PMC XML/ JATS Version

·        ePub Full Html

·        References style check and citation management

·        Journals’ hard copy publishing with regard to their ISSN